We started at a time when journalism in India was going through a difficult phase in terms of manipulating the facts in reporting. Most of the television channels and newspapers had started working for some particular political party or the other. Common people had started trusting each report blindly and the people with rationale had almost stopped trusting such reports. Every piece of report seemed serving some wicked purpose. On other hand, there had been a flood of news portals and YouTube channels in an era of easy internet access that led to a notion of ‘information overload’ causing a difficulty what to believe and what not to.

The main purpose of the spread of news is to guarantee that the people get informed about the facts of what is happening.Readers of a newspaper, visitor of a news blog or viewers of a television channel should be able to understand the possible causes of an occurrence through reliable sourcesso that they can establish their own opinions and come to their own conclusions. The most valuable asset of a journalist, therefore, remains public respect, which is first be earned through taking side of truth without any bias and prejudice, and then maintained through adherence to the highest possible standards of professionalism.That is why if the mediawant to play theirrole in India, they must submit their own behaviour to the most rigorous scrutiny. Codification of our ethics is, therefore,utmost important.

The journalism in a world which is divided into right, left and centre has to be above all these sides irrespective of any sides’ political, religious, or ideological association.HAMS Live News intends to discharge its duties and to encourage its team to discharge their responsibilities in line with the ideals of journalistic ethics and principles. In keeping with this effort, the following constitutes the baseline standards of a Code of Media Ethics for the members of HAMS Live News’s editorial team, in conformity with universally accepted norms.

HAMS Live News obtains information, data, photographs, and illustrations only by reliable source such as its appointed staff, foreign correspondence or the agencies.The use of other means may be used only on special conditions of public interest and with the specific permission of the owner of the information, data or photographs.

We take utmost care of reporting of militants, insurgents, extremists and avoid any reporting that promote any kind of extremist ideology particularly that goes against national interest.


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