Kanhaiya Kumar protests against NRC in Kishanganj, local Congress MP faces public anger

Kanhaiya Kumar said that the people who wrote apology letters to the British government are demanding proof of citizenship from those whose ancestors sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country. CPI leader Firoz Alam said that the poor people would be affected by the law; Congress MP Dr. Javed Azad had to face public anger.

Kishanganj, February 20 (HAMS) Standing firm against the Citizenship Amendment Act, the NRC and the NPR, former president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union, Dr. Kanhaiya Kumar said Thursday that those who wrote letters of apology to the British government are demanding for proof of Indian citizenship from those whose ancestors had sacrificed their lives in the Indian freedom struggle.

Addressing a protest rally against CAA, NRC, and NPR in the historic Ruidhasa Maidan of Kishanganj (Bihar), which started from Champaran, he said that it is unfortunate that the people who had sacrificed everything for the freedom of the country are being demanded the proof of citizenship. He said that the ruling party is erecting a wall to hide Gujarat’s huts in connection with Trump’s visit to India, the same is being carried out in the name of the CAA for hiding the NRC’s errors in Assam, which will never be accepted by the people of this country. He said how come the people of the country would protect their papers while the government could not protect Rafael’s files. Dr. Kanhaiya said that the government wants to divert the people’s attention from their core issues by raising issues like CAA, NRC, NPR just in order to cover up their failures.

Kanhaiya Kumar, without taking the name of Amit Shah, said that being bald does not make anyone Chanakya. With access to the resources and agencies like CBI, ED, Income Tax, etc., anybody can become a Chanakya. He said that in the corrupt of the present government, 31.6 million people were has become unemployed but the government did not care about them at all. Referring to the railways, he said, that the so-called nationalist government now wants to sell the assets of the nation. He said on the CAA that the law will not only harm the Muslims but also Hindus, so this fight should not be seen in the mirror of Hindu Muslim but it is a fight for the protection of the country.

Addressing the program, Kadwa MLA Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Khan has also opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act, saying that the Act would be affecting the weaker sections the most, including Hindus and Muslims. He also seemed to compare AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi with Parveen Togadia without taking Owaisi’s name.

Social activist Engineer Mohammad Aslam also opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act, NRC, and NPR, saying that this law would disrupt the society and weaken India’s national solidarity. He said that not only are Muslims on the streets today against this black law but Dalits, tribals, Hindus and other minorities are also on the streets. Sikh brothers are strongly opposing this law. Demonstrations against the CAA has shocked the government, who were willing to give it a Hindu Muslim color.

In this Jan Gan Man Yatra, Dr. Kanahiya Kumar was also accompanied by the Member of Assembly Shakil Ahmed Khan. Local leaders like Congress MP Dr. Javed Azad and CPI leader Firoz Alam also participated in the protest rally.

CPI Leader Mr. Firoz Alam has been quite active in organizing the protest rally. He said, “as the poor people usually do not have a piece of land, such people will be unable to show any proof of land papers for the NRC and the people of all classes would fall on the trap of the CAA and the NRC.”

As soon as the Member of Parliament from Congress party Dr. Javed Azad stood up to address the rally, the audience showed severe anger for his inactivity on the issue of CAA and NRC. Once he began his speech, people shouted loudly with phrases like ‘sit down’. It is said that the activities of local Congress and Dr. Javed Azad in the area against CAA and NRC have been almost zero causing huge public anger.


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