Bank employees offer financial support to a family of migrant worker

Bank employees offer financial support to a family of migrant worker

Bank employees offer financial support to the family of a girl who brought her father on a bicycle from Gurgaon to Bihar. Such support is quite generous but just a tip of the iceberg.

Hyderabad: All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) have contacted the family of a 15-year-old Jyothi Kumari who brought her father, a migrant worker, on a bicycle from Gurgaon to Sirhulli village in Darbhanga in Bihar.

She brought her father riding 1200 kms on a bicycle due to lockdown caused by Coronavirus outbreak. AIBEA has offered to bear the expenses of education for five children in their family. The General Secretary of Bank Employees Association Ch. Venkatachalam said this on Sunday on his Twitter handle.

To help him, his 16-year-old daughter Jyothi Kumari went to Gurgaon in March to be of help to him. Unfortunately, due to lockdown, they were in trouble. Mohan’s landlord pressurised to vacate. Mohan had to stop his medicines to feed his family. Mr. Venkatachalam said the migrant worker Mohan Paswan migrated to Gurgaon and was working as a driver.

Recently, he met with an accident and hence could not continue his work as a driver. His daughter Jyothi Kumari purchased a bicycle with that money managed to get by selling some jewelry. and decided to carry his physically handicapped father by cycle. Mohan’s wife is an Anganwadi worker in the village.

He said their village is 1200 km away. Mohan tried to dissuade Jyothi Kumari but their suffering made her stick to her way.
Hence, she started her journey from Gurgaon by bicycle with her father on the pillion. On the way, she got food from some donors in some places. Some days, they did not take any food as it was not available. Somehow, after 8-10 days, Jyothi Kumari could reach her village along with his father.

According to the UNI report, their family is very poor and Jyothi Kumari has 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters. The, Bank employees offer financial support. The AIBEA General Secretary said that they can imagine their economic condition if he family. They have decided that AIBEA can undertake the cost of education of all these 5 children until they are fully educated or can extend any other financial help that the family would like. He asked Mr. Anirudh Kumar, General Secretary, Bihar Provincial Bank Employees Association in a letter to contact them and get back so that it can finalise accordingly.

The way the labourers are in trouble due to lockdown, such support, even on a low scale, from any individual or organisation is a generous step. However, such support is just a tip of the iceberg in view of the size of trouble faced by the helpless poor migrant labourers. Concrete and collective government financial policies will be required to get them out of the plight apart from what’s being done to get rid of Coronavirus pandemic.

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