Indigo Airlines to lay off its 2.5 thousand employees

Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines will lay off 10% of its employees due to poor economic conditions. The airlines has about 24 thousand employees. In this way the livelihood of about two and a half thousand people will be taken away.

New Delhi: The country’s largest airlines IndiGo has announced the dismissal of about two and a half thousand employees citing poor financial condition. The company said on Monday, due to poor financial condition, it would remove 10 percent of its employees.

The airlines has approximately 24,000 employees. In this way, the livelihood of about two and a half thousand people will be taken away. These include all categories of employees, e.g. pilots and cabin crew. Indigo said that it had not cut any employee’s salaries in March and April.

Since May, steps have also been taken to reduce the salary and leave without pay. Despite this, the financial condition of the airlines is deteriorating. Only a few of its fleet of 250 aircraft are currently operating. Therefore, it will have to sack 10% of its employees out of compulsion.

Dismissed employees will also be given salary and support money for the notice period. They will have at least a three months’ salary. Moreover, their health insurance as well as their family members’ insurance will remain valid till December this year. The company will also provide help to the sacked employees find new jobs.

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