Government should explain ‘purpose of Railways’ privatization’: Congress

Government should explain 'purpose of Railways' privatization': Congress

On March 17, the government made it clear in Parliament that the Railways would not be privatized, yet it was moving towards its privatization. The government should explain on what basis this step is being taken.

New Delhi: Congress has accused the government of not fulfilling its promise of not privatizing the Railways. Congress spokesman Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that the government has started the process of privatization of 109 trains and it should tell on what basis this step is being taken.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, Dr. Singhvi said that Railways is the most profitable department and the key source of traveling for the poor people of the country. Indian Railways is the largest network in the world and the second-largest in Asia with approximately 25 million people traveling daily.

He said that Indian Railways is the seventh place in the world to provide jobs, but the amazing thing is that the government is privatizing this huge network. They said that the government should mention on what basis it is privatizing. It would have been understandable if Railways had failed to provide their services and jobs and were incurring huge losses, but there is no such case here. Yet the government is adamant about privatization.

Dr. Singhvi said that it was clear in the Parliament on March 17 that the Railway would not be privatized, yet the government was moving towards privatization. He said that according to the government it is not privatization, rather it is a process of privatization. The government is just getting entangled in words.

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