Unhappy DU teachers protest on ‘Teachers’ Day’ against non-payment of salary, pension

Unhappy DU teachers protest on Teachers' Day' against non-payment of salary, pension

Nearly 100 teachers led by Delhi University Teachers Association President (DUTA) Rajiv Rai demonstrated wearing masks and chanted the slogan ‘Shame on Delhi government’

New Delhi: On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, teachers of Delhi University on Saturday staged a sit-in and arrested in protest against non-payment of salaries and pension in 12 colleges in the capital.

Nearly 100 teachers, led by Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) President Rajiv Rai, staged a sit-in with face masks and chanted loud slogans of “Shame on Delhi government”. These teachers staged a sit-in in the university campus carrying banners and posters in their hands.

The teachers of Delhi colleges have been agitating in 12 colleges of the capital for the last several months to protest against the non-payment of salary and pension for the last five months. These 12 colleges are partially funded by the Delhi government, but for some months the financial assistance given to these colleges in the Delhi government has stopped, due to which teachers in these colleges are not getting salary and pension.

The teachers of the University of Delhi performed so fiercely today that the police arrested them and apprehended about 28 teachers. The teachers protested within the Maurice Nagar police station to protest against the incident. The teachers allege that the Delhi government wants to fill its men in the management committees of these colleges, hence it is adopting a policy of coercion and has stopped the aid given to these colleges.

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