India in year of calamities, pandemic has worsened life of poor people

India in year of calamities, pandemic has worsened life of poor people

India is facing with series of disasters in the year 2020. It seems to be turning out to be a year of calamities. The COVID-19 outbreak has already resulted in an adverse impact on the economy and the livelihoods of people.

New Delhi: As Covid-19 cases continue to rise despite a three-month lockdown, the pandemic has stretched thin the country’s state capacity, caused economic devastation. The pandemic has seriously worsened the life of poor people.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus is not the only crisis country is facing. Cyclone Amphan left behind a trail of destruction in Bengal and Odisha. Locust swarms have been making waste across various states. North India along with southeast Pakistan have seriously faced the menace.

Moreover, back to back quakes in the National Capital also gave birth to the premonition of a larger earthquake in the Himalayan region soon.
Experts said that if governments now have to tackle concurrent emergencies simultaneously that too may be a new normal and hence, the National Disaster Response Mechanism (NDRM) should be further strengthened.

Other disasters

Experts are of the view that despite the cut in emissions caused by lockdowns, the year 2020 is threatening to prove the hottest year since measurements began.

The scientists say that countries must increase their emission cut commitments, bridge the chasm between developed and developing blocs over climate finance and tech transfers, and script a credible path to keeping global temperature increase limited to less than 2 degree C above pre-industrial levels by 2100.

Besides the pandemic and other disasters, there is an unprecedented locust crisis that confronts the country. Experts say that blighting farmlands in several countries in recent years is linked to warmer seas enabling better breeding grounds for these insects.

Scientists say there is a direct ‘link’ between environmental destruction and the increase in zoonotic outbreaks over the last 20 years.


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