Surveys of 230,000 people conducted in the Containment Zones, check ups doubled

230,000 surveys conducted in the Containment Zones, check ups doubled

As decided for the Containment Zone by the Ministry of Home Affairs, 230,000 people were surveyed door-to-door, and double its number of coronavirus was checked. The work was completed in all 242 Containment Zones.

New Delhi: Following the frequent meetings of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in recent days on the increasing incidence of coronavirus infection in New Delhi, 230,000 people were surveyed in 242 containment zones. Double its number of coronavirus was also examined.

In these meetings, Mr. Shah took many decisions to provide facilities to the common people of the capital. It was also decided to perform a door-to-door survey in the Containment Zone. Around 230,000 people were surveyed since then. This work has been completed in all 242 Containment Zones.

The Home Ministry today continuously tweeted and said that a committee was formed under the chairmanship of Neeti Ayog to give relief to the common men. The committee was set up to determine the rate of treatment in isolation beds, ICUs with ventilators, and ICUs without ventilators in private hospitals of Delhi.

This committee has fixed rates of 8 to 10 thousand, 13 to 15 thousand, and 15 to 18 thousand respectively for isolation beds, ICUs without ventilators, and ICUs with ventilators. These include the price of PPE. In private hospitals, this rate is currently 24000-2500, 43000, and 44000-45000 without PPE respectively.

Checking of samples has been doubled. From 15 to 17 June, a total of 27,263 samples were taken, compared to 4,000–4,500 per day previously. After the commencement of the rapid test, 7,040 people have been screened in 193 centers. This zone will be increased every day.

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