Modi urges people to follow Buddha’s path of humanity, social service

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged people to follow the path of Buddha to fight with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. He said today that India would do everything possible to save the lives of every citizen. At the same time, it is taking its global responsibilities as seriously.

Mr. Modi made this remark while participating in a ‘Prarthana Sabha’ (prayer meet) on the occasion of Buddh Purnima on Thursday through video conferencing. The ‘Prarthana Sabha’ was held in honour of those who died of coronavirus and for the heroes who fought against it. He said that Buddhism is the symbol of ‘Buddha and Gautam Buddha’ of India. With self-awareness, the country is constantly working for the benefit of the whole world for entire humanity.

He said that India’s development would always be helpful in the development of the world. Referring to Buddha’s message, he said, “Those who are engaged in public service day and night are true the followers of Buddha. In this difficult situation, take care of yourself and your family, whatever country you are in. Protect yourself and help others as much as possible.”

The prayer meeting was organized by the Ministry of Culture and the International Buddhist Federation, attended by Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka, Nepal, and other countries. This Prathana Sabha was broadcast live.

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