China uses mobile data collected from Indians as a weapon: experts

China uses mobile data collected from Indians as a weapon: experts

The Chinese military wing is using the data collected from Indians through mobile networks and apps as a weapon.

New Delhi: Communist Party of China and its military wing are using the data of Indians collected through mobile networks and apps as a weapon. A comprehensive national security law is required to address this threat.

National security experts made this claim in a webinar titled “”Data as a weapon: Chinese invasion through Mobile Apps, 5G. They asserted that China has been using these technologies as spy equipment. India should focus on developing indigenous technology and increase manufacturing capabilities in the communications sector as part of its long-term policy.

Experts also believe that there is a need to curb China’s economic neo-colonialism due to cheap goods and the subsidy policy of the communist government. China’s policy has severely affected industrialization in the United States and other European countries.

Experts’ views in the webinar

In the webinar, retired Telecom Secretary and former Secretary of NASSCOM, R. Chandrasekhar, Vineet Goenka, an activist, and senior journalist in the field of data autonomy, Siddharth Zarabi shared his views. The webinar was hosted by the Law and Society Alliance and Defence and Strategic Affairs magazine Defence Capital.

Experts say China has built its global influence by collecting data from various countries. A long-term strategy needs to be developed to prevent the threat. Strengthening indigenous technology and manufacturing capabilities is, therefore, a need of time. Also, a multilateral national law needs to be enacted to deal with the threat.

The webinar was organized at a time when there has been a military standoff between India and China in eastern Ladakh for the last two months. This is the time India has imposed a ban on 59 Chinese apps and the involvement of Chinese companies in various infrastructural projects.

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