Electric department appeals not to shut down main switch of power

New Delhi: Uttarakhand Electricity Corporation has appealed to the people not to shut down the main switch of power complying the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to lit candles for 9 minutes at 9:00 pm on Sunday.

The Tehri District Information Department has released a report on Sunday citing the corporation’s managing director VCK Mishra, saying that the grid is strong with full potential to handle the situation. However, he appealed to the users to keep all electrical devices running and not turn off.

Mr. Mishra has said that, in this period, the lighting related to the essential services like street light and hospital etc. will remain as it is.

The leaders of several opposition parties have raised strong objections on Mr. Modi’s appeal for torching light at 9 pm tonight and said that this could lead to a power failure and could have the country paid a huge cost. The power grid, however, has made it clear that there is no risk to the grid.

[Hams Live]


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