Foreign scholars commemorate Munshi Prem Chand amid COVID-19 lockdown

Munshi Prem Chand commemorated by foreign scholars amid lockdown

New Delhi: Foreign scholars participated in a webinar during the lockdown to commemorate well-known Hindi writer Munshi Prem Chand during the Coronavirus pandemic and discussed Dalit consciousness in his literature.

Nearly 20 scholars from Israel, Italy, Sweden, and Germany discussed on  Prem Chand’s literature in this international webinar. Dr. Ajay Navaria, a Hindi lecturer at the Jamia Millia Islamia and a well-known Dalit writer has also participated in the webinar. The webinar was organised by Marina Remsha, a professor in the Department of Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Israel. Dr. Ajay Navaria’s famous story ‘Hello Mr. Prem Chand’ is in the academic syllabus of this university.

Prem Chand and his characters

Dr. Navaria has written this story based on the characters created by Prem Chand. Many of Dr. Navaria’s stories are taught at universities in the United States, Hungary, Italy, and Germany. Dr. Navaria told to the UNI that the Hebrew University yesterday held a lecture on ‘Hindi Story Prampra and Samita Wemarsh’ on Zoom in which they discussed Prem Chand’s famous stories apart from Godan, Rangbhumi, and Gaban. About 21 celebrated writers were said to participate in the webinar. A total of 10 scholars discussed the questions on Dalit consciousness in Prem Chand’s literature.

Dalit literature of India

Dr. Navaria said that Dalit literature of India cannot ignore Prem Chand because he is the writer whose works have taken care of the neglected sections of the society. Dalit has been his subject in his writings and he has made Dalits his primary characters. No one can forget his landmark works like Thakur Ka Kunwan, Ghaas Waali, Doodh Ki Qeemat, Sawa Ser Gehun which have highlighted the agony of Dalit society.

Dr. Navaria said that the interest in the study on Prem Chand and Dalit literature abroad has increased. Research and translation works are increasingly being done on Dalit literature. These foreign scholars listened to him and asked questions for about an hour and a half.

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