Front Against Fascist Attacks: Letter to President against arrests of workers during lockdown

Letter to President against arrests of workers during lockdown

Chandigarh: Front Against Fascist Attacks, a united group of nine left-wing organizations in Punjab, has written a letter to the President. The United Front has expressed concern over police brutality and arrests of human rights activists in the country amid the Covid-19 crisis.

According to a statement issued by the Front here today, a letter sent to the President in an e-mail yesterday said that the lockdown has been imposed due to Coronavirus and the government is taking its unfair advantage. The government has started suppressing the voices of dissent and resistance. He described the government’s behaviour as “dangerous for the country’s political and social fabric.”

The letter called for the immediate release of the arrested workers, the withdrawal of false charges, and the repeal of oppressive laws. The letter also called on the government to bear all the transportation costs of sending the migrant workers back to their home states.

Leftist leaders who wrote the letter include Bent Singh Brad, Mangat Ram Pasla, Ajmer Singh, Gurmeet Singh Bakhtopur, Karan Jeet Singh Sheikhun, Kanwal Jeet Khanna, Tara Singh Moga, Sakhondar Kaur, and Narendra Nandi.

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