Iran are special but we are not afraid: Subrata Paul

A couple of days prior to India’s World Cup Qualifier clash against ‘Giants of Asia,’ Iran, Indian team coach Subrata Paul stressed that India will stay all “focussed” and play with “passion” when it kicks-off at the [cml_media_alt id='51']iran[/cml_media_alt] on September 8.

According to the Indian Sports News website, “We will play as a team. Football is all about attacking as a team and it’s also all about defending as a team,” he stated while speaking during a Media Interaction prior to Team India practice on Saturday (September 5) evening.

“In football anything is possible and any team possess the power to upset their opponents on any given day,” Paul maintained.

Stressing that India stay fully aware of Iran’s potential, their strength and their prowess, he added, “But I reiterate, in football it’s all about that particular day. Every team needs to do their job and if you can do it, you can dream.”
Meanwhile, the Indian National Team had double practice sessions on the day, sweating it out both in the morning and evening at the Stadium.

“For me, on the ground everybody is equal. Players from the other team would also be having two legs, two hands and one head,” he smiled. “They are the same as us. Why should one get scared?” he quipped.

“But I reiterate, we respect Iran as a team. They are special. They have been regular qualifiers to the World Cup and their quality speaks about themselves. But we would be wearing the Indian jersey and representing 1.24 billion people. That itself is a motivation for all,” he said on behalf of the entire squad.

For the record, Iran, the top most team in Asia stand at 40 in the FIFA ladder while India are at 155.


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