Syed Akbaruddin calls for for reform and change in United Nations

Syed Akbaruddin calls for reform and change in United Nations

Syed Akbaruddin, India’s former permanent representative to the United Nations, said the Security Council had ignored a serious nCovid issue for as long as three months. None of us bothered to think what the Security Council did during the first three months of the Coronavirus epidemic.

New Delhi: India’s former permanent representative at the United Nations Syed Akbaruddin said on Thursday that there is a need to reform in the United Nations. Reform is necessary so that not only on the issue of peace and security but also on all issues which relate to the present time.

Addressing a webinar he said, ‘we have never seen such a crisis in our lives through the crisis we are going through. This crisis is related to health, environment, economy, cybercrime and geopolitics.’

He said that the present crisis is the one in which we have lost millions. One of these crises is equal to the number of deaths in a major conflict.’

‘In the United Nations, there is always talk of peace and security, whereas in this forum, every challenge should be discussed, whether it is related to health, environment or economic aspect’, he added.

No change comes peacefully; every change comes after a struggle.

He said, ‘every change comes after a conflict. Even the establishment of the United Nations came into the process after the conflict. A glance at history shows that not a single change has taken place in the era of peace. It is true that all cases have their own significance, but none of us thought of what the Security Council did during the first three months of the Coronavirus epidemic.

The Security Council ignores such a serious issue for three months because it was not an issue related to peace and security. However, millions of lives were lost due to the epidemic. However, the Security Council later discussed the matter. Even after three months of this debate, there has been no change at the ground level.

Mr. Akbaruddin said that it is true that the United Nations and its Security Council can meet and discuss. But what is happening in the outside world is very different and that is why people are taking it seriously now. That is why there is a need for reform in the United Nations.

Syed Akbaruddin said, ‘if the United Nations does not transform itself into a framework for peace and security, whatever good it has done, it will be hampered by hindrance. Investment is necessary for change in the United Nations, otherwise various countries will become poor and weak. This is very important for a country like India which needs international cooperation. ‘

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, former India’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations Bhaswati Mukherjee and UNESCO and the former UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Myanmar Chenicheri Vijay Nambiar also attended in this webinar and addressed.

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