The government must bow before the Shaheen Bagh protesters. Advocate Bhanu Pratap Singh

Addressing a demonstration in Shaheen Bagh against the National Citizenship (Amendment) Act, NRC, and NPR, famous Supreme Court lawyer Bhanu Pratap Singh called on female protesters.

New Delhi, Feb 5 (HAMS) Addressing a demonstration in Shaheen Bagh against the National Citizenship (Amendment) Act, NRC, and NPR, famous Supreme Court lawyer Bhanu Pratap Singh called on female protesters. Appealing to stay firmly with Istiqlal, the government must bow to the Shaheen Bagh protesters.

He appealed to the protests to continue without fear and intimidation, saying that the government will adopt and resort to different tactics, but you do not have to withdraw from your position. He advised that if the government invites you to talk, then you should go here instead of going there. He said that you should have it ready. He said that this demonstration of yours is going to succeed.

Meanwhile, despite the obstacles of the police, Sikh jatts are coming from Punjab for the support and solidarity of the female protesters. The Sikhs, who came from several areas of Punjab including Batala, were angry with the National Citizenship (Amendment) Law, NRC, and NPR and demanded that the government not let their project succeed. Said that this law is not only against Muslims but against all the weaker sections, Dalit tribes and the government is trying to mislead people by naming only three countries.

The Sikhs said that we have come here to inform that the entire Sikh community is with the Shaheen Bagh protesters and the Shaheen Bagh is constantly coming to show solidarity with the female protestors. “We are with the Shaheen Bagh protesters in every way and we cannot allow anyone to do anything against it,” he said. “Although the police have stopped our buses along the way and many Sikhs are still trapped on the way, but the police cannot weaken our resolve,” he said.

When asked about the Sikhs’ National Citizenship (Amendment) Law, NRC, and NPR, it is a law based on religious discrimination and the sharing of people, and if we do not oppose it, it will be our turn. Is. He said that the government wants to target the minorities by dividing them and we will not allow the government’s plan to succeed and will bow down to the government without bowing to the government.
Sushant Singh of Sudhan India (Crime) also reached out for solidarity with Shaheen Bagh female protesters. Besides, Samastipur members Akhtar-ul-Islam and Singer Osha Nair also spoke in front of Shaheen Bagh female protesters. Other important people also addressed the Shaheen Bagh female protesters.

In the past four days, protests have been in full swing in the past four days in Jamia Millia Islamia. Police are keeping track of those coming in search of obstacles.

Students and ordinary citizens have been protesting against the National Citizenship (Amendment) Act, NRC, and NPR at the Jamia Millia Islamia. Protests have been going on at Gate No. 7 since the police brutality at Jamia Millia Islamia. Earlier, the protest was for a few hours but due to no effect on the government, it was made of 24 hours. Significant people are coming together to express solidarity with the university protesters. In addition, protesters against the National Citizenship (Amendment) Act, NRC and NPR in Delhi are spreading and women are protesting in dozens of places in Delhi itself. And with this list adding new places every day, women in Nizam-ud-din also continue protests with great enthusiasm.

After Shaheen Bagh, Khawarij is the main place for women protesters. Every day something new is being done to raise their voice to the government and since yesterday, the protesters have started a hunger strike from 8 am to 8 pm. Social activist and advocate and former councilor Ishrat Jahan, who looks after the management of the Khurji women protesters, said that the Khurjee women would unite to address and express senior advocate Salman Khurshid from the protest today. Gandhi Park Malviya Nagar, Salempur Jaffarabad, Turkmen Gate, Bali Maran, Khajuri, Inside Lok, Shahi Eidgah Quraish Nagar, Mustafabad, Kardampuri, Noor Divine Colony, Shastri Park, Barrywala Bagh, Nizamuddin, Jama Masjid Mosque with a country of about hundreds of Demonstrations are taking place at the venue.
In addition, women protests are taking place in Gul Gree, Bhilwara, Rajasthan, and women have started protesting by creating a new shaheen garden. Similarly, women are protesting in Kota, Jaipur and other places of Rajasthan. The SIT has reached below the district level and reached the panchayat level.

Similarly, there are demonstrations in Andhra Pradesh in Madhya Pradesh. There is a great display of women in the Kanwar congregation in Indore. The organizer said that there were women protesters like Delhi and Uttar Pradesh police trying to remove them but as soon as the news of the removal of the police arrived, thousands of women arrived and the police failed. Even important people are coming here and people from different fields are coming here and raising their voice against National Citizenship (Amendment) Law, NRC, and NPR. Apart from Indore, women’s protests are also taking place in Bhopal, Ajin, Diwas, Mandsaur and other places in Madhya Pradesh.

The Uttar Pradesh National Citizenship (Amendment) Act, NRC, has emerged as the most vulnerable place for those protesting against the NPR. During the December 19 demonstration, 22 people have been killed. Police attacked the women who had resided peacefully in Bellary Ganj (Azamgarh). In the late afternoon, the women sitting at the sit-in were praying and praying. At the same time, it was claimed that the police started operating a brick that hit a woman with a head injury. His condition is bad. In addition, several women were injured. The woman involved in the demonstration said in the video message that police approached and opened fire in the air and fired rods and dirty abuse. Police have removed or detained all the women, as well as filled the park with water.

In Uttar Pradesh, there is no shortage of incidents of harassment by police, but there is no shortage of motivation and perseverance among women. Despite all this, women are demonstrating at home for hours and thousands of women are registering their presence. An FIR has been lodged on several people, including former governor Aziz Qureshi, to create terror. In Uttar Pradesh, a few women started a protest in Allahabad, but today there are thousands. The women have organized a march at Mansoor Ali Park in Roshan Bagh. After this, women are performing at Mohammad Ali Park in Chaman Ganj, Kanpur. Thousands of women are protesting day and night in Pukka Bagh in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh. In addition, women are protesting at Deoband Eid gah, Saharanpur and other places in Uttar Pradesh.

Shaheen Bagh After Delhi, most of the protests are taking place in Bihar and every day there is a new Shaheen garden being created, as well as the demonstration of men. Women have been demonstrating in Shantai Bagh, Gaya, since December 29. Since then, women have been constantly protesting in Sabzi Bagh Patna. In Patna itself, a women protest is being held in Harunnagar. Also in Bihar’s Monghir, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Madhubani, Ariya, Siwan, Chhapra, Bihar Sharif, Jhabad, Gopal Ganj, Bhansar Nalanda, Moglahar Nawada, Champaran, Samastipur, Tajpur, Kishan Ganj, in the wide belt area. There have been great protests in the Lakhmanya area of ​​Begosarai. A large demonstration of women is being held in Rani Bagh of Samari Bakhtiyarpur Sub Division of Suharsa district in Bihar.

Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, Jamia Millia Islamia ‘Delhi,’ Aram Park Khourji-Hazrat Nizamuddin, Quresh Nagar Eidgah, Inside Lok, Noorlahi Delhi ‘- Silampur Fruit Market, Delhi, Jamia Masjid, Delhi, Turkmen Gate, Delhi, Turkmen. Gate Delhi, Bali Maran Delhi, Shastri Park Delhi, Kardam Puri Delhi, Mustafabad Abad Delhi, Khajori, Barrywala Bagh, Shaw, Rani Bagh Sumeri Bakhtiyarpur District, Saharsa Bihar – Sabzi Bagh Patna – Bihar, Harunnagar, Patna. Bihar, – Muzzafar Bihar, Ariya Semanchal Bihar, Begusarai Bihar, Paikari Stream Nawada Bihar, Mazar Chowk, Wadi Strip Cushion Ganj ‘Bihar, Mugla Khar’ Ansaringer Nawada Bihar, Champaran, Madhuban Yi Bihar, Sitamarhi Bihar, Samastipur ‘Tajpur, Siwan Bihar, Gopalganj Bihar, Collectorate Bati West Champaran Bihar, Hadiya Chowk Deoraj Bihar. Narkatiganj Bihar, Raksol Bihar, Dhulia Maharashtra, Nanded Maharashtra, Hingoli Maharashtra, Permani Maharashtra,. Acula Maharashtra,. Posad Maharashtra, Kundu, Maharashtra, Poona Maharashtra – Sitya Nand Hospital, Maharashtra, Circus Park Kolkata, Qazi Nazrul Bagh West Bengal, Islampur West Bengal, Islamia Maidan Allahabadivipi, 35. Roshan Bagh Mansoor Ali Park Almadabad UP. Park Chaman Ganj Kanpur-UP, Hourly Lucknow UP, Albert Hall Ram Navas Bagh Jaipur Rajasthan, Kota Rajasthan, Iqbal Maidan Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Jama Masjid Ground Indore, Mank Bagh Indore, Ahmedabad Gujarat, Mangalore Karnataka, Haryana The sit-in continues in addition to Mayawat and Yemenanagar. At the same time, women are also demonstrating in Ranchi, Kadro, Lohar Daga, Dhanbad, Vasipur, Jamshedpur, etc. in Jharkhand.


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