Vikas Dubey’s arrogance does not go away, says “I am Vikas Dubey Kanpur Wala”

Vikas Dubey's arrogance does not go away, says "I am Vikas Dubey Kanpur Wala"

Vikas Dubey was arrested in the morning while he was visiting Mahakal temple. When the police officers were making the arrest, he showed off his arrogance chanting “Main hoon Vikas Dubey Kanpur Wala”.

Ujjain: Despite being caught by the Ujjain police of Madhya Pradesh, Vikas Dubey, the dreaded shooter of Uttar Pradesh, has not spent much time to flaunt his false arrogance. According to police sources, Vikas Dubey was arrested in the Mahakal police station area this morning when he was allegedly going to visit the Mahakal temple.

After the arrest, while the police officers were taking him to car, he addressed the crowd saying, “I am Vikas Dubey Kanpur Wala.” (I am Vikas Dubey from Kanpur). The video of his arrest went viral.

Meanwhile, some of Vikas’s associates were also aware of the detention, but this has not been confirmed by senior police officials. Senior police officials say that Vikas Dubey is being questioned by police officers themselves.

Uttar Pradesh Police have been informed about the arrest. The UP police team can reach here soon. There are many questions related to the arrest of Vikas Dubey, which are yet to be answered.

It is also not clear yet when and how did Vikas Dubey reach Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh? Uttar Pradesh Police have detained one of his relatives from Shahdol district.

[Hams Live]


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