How to get smooth sexy legs

We all know that waxing is the most common way for removing hair from body. Shaving is also another quicker way for getting rid of unwanted hair from body which is fairly light on your pocket. Some women are also turning to laser hair reduction treatments for permanent removal of hair. Check out some tricks and tips for waxing and shaving, so that you do them in right way!

Before starting the waxing procedure, check out the expiry date of the wax. Make sure wax is not old.

Always make use of disposable waxing strips as they are hygienically safe. Avoid using cloth strips. Also make sure that wax is not too hot as it may damage your skin.

For all those who prefer shaving to waxing, should wet skin as first thing to make little moist. Remember that shaving on dry skin can be dangerous since surface will not be smooth and soft.

All the ladies would be happy to read that shaving cream for men and women are almost same. Since the cream for women are little expensive, so you can always make use of men shaving creams as they contain the same ingredients.

It is true that finding a perfect razor can be a task. So ask your friends to recommend razors with pivoting heads, lubricating strips and spring-mounted multiple blades.

Use exfoliator before shaving so that pores are cleaned and does not lead to clogging of the razor blade to avoid close shave.


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