How to rekindle the lost friendship

Do you feel uncomfortable sharing same space with your friend with whom you used to share everything from clothes to your crush? Do you had a tiff with your pal and want to make up? Don’t hesitate to read the tips given below to rekindle that lost friendship!

First and foremost before taking any action, think whether reviving the failed friendship is worth it or not. Consider whether rebonding once again is worth it. Ask yourself whether you are open to maintain a friendship which is faltering. Keep in your mind that it is perfectly okay to end any relationship if it costs transformation of your principles, values and individuality.

If you have decided to revive your friendship, find out what went wrong between you two! It is human to put the other person at fault. But that might not always be true. If you were at fault, be brave to accept and apologize.

Even if your friend was at fault, don’t tip the scales in your favour. Rather, try to forgive him or her. You would be surprised to read that happy living is all about moving on in life with no regrets and blames.

After clearing everything in your mind, take a step and have heart-to-heart, face to face conversation with your friend to revive the bond of friendship. You can even re-establish the bond over a cup of coffee but avoid talking about past issues once you have sorted out everything.


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