Makeup tips for winters

Patchy and dull skin can spoil your overall look in this winter season. It is important to keep your makeup fresh all day long during winters to look pretty and attractive. Check out some special makeup tips and tricks for this winter season to look appealing and beautiful all day long.

Keep in mind that no matter whichever type of makeup you use, you need several touch-ups throughout the day. So keep a touch-up-kit handy in your bag. Avoid carrying cosmetics that can smudge and melt. Go in for fruity lip gloss and avoid wax based eyeliners and lipsticks.

When you are over with your makeup, don’t forget to seal your makeup with good quality powder foundation or compact. There are number of companies that are manufacturing such loose powder foundation instead of liquid foundation for getting that perfect look on face. Also it will cover the shiny patches of your skin that looks greasy and oily.

If you have TZone or oily patches, fret not! Use oil absorbing pads that allow you to soak up extra oil that accumulates on your face throughout the day. With their timely usage, you can extend the life of makeup and keep yourself looking fresher and attractive.

In winters switch to oil-free moisturizer with apt SPF from greasy moisturizers to reduce the slipperiness of face that hampers the makeup. This acts as a perfect sunscreen for your face, saving your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of sun, dust, pollutants etc.


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