Free sanitary pads’ distribution by a lady teacher in Madhya Pradesh gets fame

Free sanitary pads' distribution by a lady teacher in Madhya Pradesh gets fame

New Delhi: A teacher from Madhya Pradesh has provided free food and financial assistance to poor workers during lockdown caused by the global epidemic Coronavirus. In the scorching heat, a unique campaign has been launched to distribute free sanitary pads among these workers from morning to evening.

Her son is also involved in the work of Jyoti Deshmukh, a teacher at Dewas in Madhya Pradesh. Ms. Deshmukh has distributed more than 10,000 sanitary pads to these poor female workers in the last one week. She has become so popular among these working women that people have started calling her ‘Sanitary Pad Goddess’.

Ms. Deshmukh says that she is coming across female workers in her city in great distress. They are not in a position to buy sanitary pads for themselves in the lockdown.  Therefore, she thought why not to distribute sanitary pads among them for free. After all, they must be in need of them.

[Hams Live]

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