Digital campaign to spread ‘message of love and brotherhood’ through Sufism

Digital campaign to spread 'message of love and brotherhood' through Sufism

God is found through the expression of love, says the world’s first woman Sufi hailing from Iraq- Rabia Basri

New Delhi: In view of the COVID-19 crisis in the country, a digital campaign has been launched by great Sufi and Sunni poets during Lockdown in order to spread the message of love and brotherhood.

Professor of Hindi at Delhi University Dr. Medha has launched a campaign called “I am in prostration”. In this campaign, videos are being shown on programs ranging from the first Sufi female poet to Sunni poets of the Bhakti era. So far, there have been 25 digital programmes. More than 25,000 people have liked it.

Dr. Medha has said that we all know about the great Sufi scholar, fakir and poet Rumi from the thirteenth century. And we are well acquainted with their knowledge and literature. However, very few of us know about the world’s first female Sufi fakir and poet. That famous female Sufi born in Basra, Iraq, in the fourth century. This poetess named Rabia Basri gave the world the gift of Sufism and true love. That is the ‘path of love’, where God can be found only through the expression of love.

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