UNICEF’s ‘guardian guidelines’ for parents for incidents of child abuse

UNICEF's 'guardian guidelines' for parents for incidents of child abuse

New Delhi: UNICEF has issued special guidelines for parents and guardians in view of the increasing incidents of violence against children during the lockdown due to the coronavirus.

UNICEF-supervised research has identified at least 30 different types of physical and verbal abuse for children exposed to violence. The study highlights various forms of domestic violence against children. These include physical violence, verbal abuse and emotional abuse.

UNICEF Representative of India Dr. Yasmin Ali Haq said, “Our experiences during the Ebola crisis show that young children are more prone to violence, abuse and stigma because family members are engaged in the struggle of life, which can have unnatural effects on them. Awareness of parents’ positive ways to promote both children’s mental and physical health is now more meaningful than ever.

During the two-week of lockdown in April, the number of abused children increased by 50%, according to complaints received on the Child Helpline. Restrictions on movement and school closures in lockdowns have put immediate pressure on parents to care for and educate their children.

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