Iraq lawmakers refuse to attend parliament session

Iraq parliament: Iraq lawmakers refuse to attend parliament session

More than 30 Iraqi MPs tested Covid-19 positive in Iraq and none of them have recovered.

Moscow: Iraq lawmakers have refused to attend the parliamentary session in view of the risk of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Iraqi Shafaaq news agency has reported this citing parliamentary sources. According to sources, although there is no indication of when the Parliament will be reopened in the near future, the possibility of a parliamentary session is being explored through video conferencing.

According to sources, more than 30 members of the country’s parliament have tested Coronavirus positive and some of them have not recovered yet.

A total of 45,402 people have been confirmed to have been infected with the coronavirus in Iraq so far. As many as 1,756 have died from the epidemic so far. Over 21,000 have also recovered. Curfew is in force in the country and domestic and international air service is suspended.

[Hams Live]


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