Iraq: 4 ISIS terrorists killed in security force operation

Baghdad: 4 terrorists of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,) were killed and two soldiers were injured in a security force operation in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. Police said the Federal police and paramilitary forces in the northern province of Kirkuk conducted a joint operation of raiding on an ISIS group shelter in a village in the capital of Kirkuk.

Two soldiers and three civilians were injured in this operation. In another incident, a policeman on duty was shot dead at the check post of the capital of Diyala Province by ISIS terrorists from Snipper.

Police has said that the incident is being investigated and that most of the attacks are back by ISIS. After Iraqi security forces defeated ISIS in 2017, the country’s security situation has improved significantly. However, Islamic State militants are hiding in the remote areas and carry out attacks on security forces from there only.




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