93 million people deprived of adequate food in Syria: WHO

93 million people deprived of adequate food in Syria: WHO

The Syrian people are going through a situation, which is hard for them to face. They are under huge pressure to meet their needs despite running out of their savings and selling their homes. In the last 9 years more than 384,000 people, including 116,000 citizens have died in Syria.

New York / Damascus: The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) has warned that civilians in Syria are experiencing unusual hunger and that 93 million people are deprived of adequate food.

WFP spokesman Elizabeth Byers says that Syria is currently suffering from an extraordinary hunger crisis and food prices have reached record highs during the 9-year civil war. According to reports by Turkish news agency Anadolu, she said that millions of people in Syria had gone below the poverty line.

She told a press conference in Geneva that the number of Syrians suffering from food shortages has increased by more than 1.4 million people in only 6 months. She said, “the Lebanese economy, which acts as a bridge to the Syrian economy, has collapsed and a dangerous situation has arisen in both the countries.”

Elizabeth Byers said that measures such as lockdown caused by the coronavirus have increased food prices by 200 percent in one year. She said that if we compare the prices of food items before the crisis, they have increased 20 times.

She said that before the crisis, a basket of basic necessities cost 4,000 Syrian pounds and now it costs 76,000 Syrian pounds. According to the report, citizens have been forced to cut food and sell property and are now under huge debts.

$ 200 million required urgently

The spokesperson said, “People in Syria are going through a situation they cannot deal with. They are under great pressure to meet their needs and they are not even meeting the need after selling homes.” She said that despite all this, citizens are still facing poverty and starvation.

The WFP said that $ 200 million is urgently required to continue food aid to the Syrian people at the end of the year. Elizabeth Byers said that until the new funds are released in August, the organization will be forced to make a major shortfall in the supply of rations to the Syrian people. From October 2020, more people will be in need of food.

The Syrian Human Rights Group said in a report last month that more than 384,000 people, including 116,000 civilians, have been killed in Syria in the last nine years. The report said that a large number of children and women were among those killed in the war that began in March 2011. So far, 22,000 children and 13,000 women have been killed.

The human rights group said that the war in Syria destroyed the economy and forced more than 10 million Syrians to leave their homes.

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