Congress to spend Rajiv’s death anniversary advertising money on poor

Congress to spend Rajiv's death anniversary advertising money on poor

New Delhi: The Congress party has decided today to use the money spent on advertisements of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi‘s death anniversary to help the workers.

The Indian National Congress (INC) said in a statement issued today, “Today, on the day of the sacrifice of the late Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister, and Bharat Ratna, every citizen of the country remembers and pays homage to him.”

The party said, “Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the Congress party has decided that instead of advertising on the anniversary this time, all the money will be spent to help the workers.”

On this day, reiterating its commitment to serve every needy the party vowed to focus all its efforts in this direction. May 21, the death anniversary of the ex-prime minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi is also observed as ‘Anti Terrorism Day’ in India

[Hams Live]


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