Foundation stone of Ram Temple exposes secular parties’ fascist mindset: Dr. Ansari

Foundation stone of Ram Temple exposes secular parties' fascist mindset: Dr. Ansari

Muslims now need to wake up more politically and support their own political parties. What Muslims have gained from so-called secular parties is no longer hidden. Their fascist line of thoughts has exposed. Secular parties have proved that they are not secular but the supporters of Hindutva ideology.

Pratapgarh: Muslims had full faith in various secular parties of the country, especially Congress, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party. Muslims were in an illusion that their secular rights enshrined in the Constitution would be protected by these secular parties. But from time to time, they betrayed the Muslims and continue to bag their votes with the slogan of secularism.

In the case of the Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid, the role of these secular parties has been secretly in favour of the temple, but the foundation of the Ram temple has just exposed their fascist mindset. This has compelled Muslims to think that the parties which they are voting for as secular, are in fact two steps ahead of BJP in communalism. Dr. Abdul Rasheed Ansari, National Vice President of the Peace Party expressed these views in a statement made in a press release.

Breach of trust

Dr. Ansari, the national vice president of the Peace Party, said that December 06 was no less than a doomsday for Indian Muslims, the day a mosque was demolished. Muslims had confidence in the governments of secular parties and, above all, on the judiciary. The basis of this trust was the age-old tolerance. From Ashoka to Muslim rulers had played an important role in establishing this tolerance. People of different religious communities of this country have always respected each others’ religious faiths.

The structure of this mutual respect was breached similar to the demolition of Babri Masjid. The court gave justice to the Muslims on the ideological level but disappointed them on practical level. August 05 will also be a day in the pages of history that the foundation stone of the place of worship was laid by the Prime Minister of a secular country, which was supported by all the secular parties of the country, which have had a mask of secularism on their face.

Dr. Ansari made it clear that if these secular parties to choose between justice and the satisfaction of Hindu extremist’s sentiments, these secular parties would prefer Hindu extremists. He said that the BJP and RSS have always criticised Congress, Samajwadi Party and BSP for their false secularism. They are always accused of using Muslims as a vote bank but these political parties have proved to be full supporters of Hindutva and not secular.

Muslims should support their own parties

Muslims now need to wake up politically and support their ‘own’ political parties. How long will Muslims run behind others? As of now, what Muslims have gained from so-called secular parties is now open and clear. The fascist mindset of secular parties has now been exposed and nothing is left. August 05 has given a message that secularism, socialism and the rights of minorities, especially Muslims, have now become a thing of the past, and the revival of Hindu nationalism is now a new goal set to achieve in this country of Gandhi.

Unfortunately, the Congress, which has been in power since independence with the help of Muslim votes, has also stood firm with the BJP in airing this notion. Congress has failed to give an impression that Rama is the soul of this country’s civilization, culture and human tolerance. Confining Rama to a piece of land in Ayodhya, where there has been a mosque for centuries, is an insult to the secular values of Rama as well as the country. In fact, there is no more courage left in the Congress which has been cultivating fascism under the guise of secularism since the independence of India. How can they speak the truth, the fruits of which are now being reaped?

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