RNA extraction kit ‘Agappe Chitra Magna’ launched commercially for COVID-19 test

RNA extraction kit ‘Agappe Chitra Magna’ launched commercially for COVID-19 test
Jalis Akhtar Nasiri

New Delhi: The President of SCTIMST Dr. VK Saraswat has launched a magnetic nanoparticle-based RNA extraction kit ‘Agappe Chitra Magna’. The kit is for testing COVID-19 which has been launched commercially.

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST), Trivandrum had developed this kit along with Agappe Diagnostics Ltd, which is an in vitro diagnostics manufacturing company based in Cochin. SCTIMST is an Institute of National Importance of the Department of Science and Technology (DST). The RNA extraction kit was actually launched on Thursday.

Dr. Saraswat said, “The commercial launch of the kit is a major step to make India self-reliant in detecting COVID-19 and can help increase the rate of testing and bring down its costs, a crucial step for combating the pandemic. It can also be an example of rapid commercialization and implementation of a state of the art technology for the world to emulate.” Dr. VK Saraswat is a member of NITI Aayog.

Speaking at the event, the DST Secretary Prof Ashutosh Sharma said, “This is an example where scientists and industry worked in tandem with a purpose to serve an urgent need.”

“Multidisciplinary lateral thinking and industry involvement right from the beginning allowed the technology to be developed into a product that was suited to meet the need of the hour”, Prof Sharma added.

The launching event was participated via video conference by SCTIMST Director Dr. Asha Kishore, and Biomedical technology Head Dr. HK Varma and other scientists of the institute.

United News of India has also quoted Prof. Sharma as saying, “The innovative process of conjugating the RNA with magnetic nanoparticles and increasing their concentration in one place by applying a magnetic field is a breakthrough that allowed the high sensitivity of RT-LAMP test from SCTIMST.”

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