Bloodshed in a church of South Africa on management dispute

The administration dispute between Christian denominations in South Africa converted the church into a battleground. The outer area of the church saw exchange of fire while 200 people inside the church were taken hostage and security guards were shot dead.

Cape Town: The leadership dispute between various denominations of Christianity has converted the Church of South Africa into a battleground. Last night, 30 armed attackers attacked the Zorboram Church (sic).

There was an exchange of firing outside the church. 200 people were taken hostage inside the church and security guards were shot dead. Four people burned to death in a car in barbaric bloodshed.

Special teams of the National Defense Force rushed to the spot. After hours of negotiations, the police took the hostages free from the clutches of the attackers. Dozens of attackers have been arrested and arms were seized.

[Hams live]


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