Covid-19: India vs. world, NITI Ayog CEO says ‘India handles better’

Covid-19: India vs. world, NITI Ayog CEO says ‘India handles better’

India has witnessed another record jump in 24 hours with 11,929 new cases. The death toll has risen to 9,195. Delhi alone has registered 2,134 new COVID-19 cases with 57 deaths. The Johns Hopkins University data says the total number of Covid-19 cases globally crossed 7.7 million-mark, while the death toll is close to 430,000. WHO reports of 142,672 cases registered in 24 hours. NITI Aayog CEO says that testing, contact tracing, and isolation are the keys to tackle the pandemic and that India’s performance is outstanding in dealing with the COVID-19. Now, time to look at the economy.

 COVID-19 tally in India reached 320922 on Sunday, with 11,929 fresh cases reported, which is the highest one day spike the country has seen. The death toll also increased to 9,195 with a single-day jump of 311 deaths.

However, India is doing well as the number of recovered cases and those who discharged from the hospitals have already crossed the number of active cases. The government data has revealed that a total of 8084 patients have reportedly recovered since Saturday.

According to the Health Ministry update, the cured and discharged cases presently stand at 162378, which is 13030 more than the active cases in the country (149348).

Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan held a review meeting with Delhi L-G and Chief Minister over the national capital’s COVID-19 situation. The situation of Covid in New Delhi has raised concerns as the number of cases is rapidly increasing.

Delhi records 2,134 new COVID-19 cases, 57 deaths

More than 2,134 new COVID-19 cases were recorded in New Delhi during the last 24 hours on the second consecutive day. The total number of positive cases reached near 39,000 in the city by Saturday night. On Friday, the registered cases of Delhi were 2,137 and its tally had reached 36,824 cases.

According to the Delhi Health Bulletin, the new cases have brought the figure to 38958 cases in total. The count includes 22742 active and 14945 recovered cases of Covid-19. 57 deaths have also been reported in the last 24 hours and Delhi’s death toll has risen to 1271.

Global COVID-19 tally 7.7 million

According to the Johns Hopkins University data, the total number of Covid-19 cases globally crossed 7.7 million mark. The death toll is about 430,000. The total number of cases reported by Sunday morning is 7,764,977 and the fatalities are 429,666.

Present cases of the world

With 2,074,082 cases and 115,402 deaths, the US continues to be the worst affected country of the world.

Brazil comes in the second place with 850,514 infections, followed by Russia (519,458), India (308,993), the UK (295,828), Spain (243,605), Italy (236,651), Peru (220,749), France (193,746), Germany (187,267), Iran (184,955), Turkey (176,677), Chile (167,355), Mexico (142,690), Pakistan (132,405), Saudi Arabia (123,308) and Canada (100,043).

WHO reports over 142,000 new COVID-19 cases globally

The World Health Organization said in its daily report on Saturday that the global confirmed cases have crossed the 7.5 million mark with 142,672 cases recorded during the last 24 hours. Over the last 24 hours, 5,055 people died of COVID-19 worldwide taking the fatality to 423,349 people.  The confirmed number of cases worldwide has now reached 7,553,182,

India’s performance in tackling Covid is outstanding, says NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant, on Saturday, participated as chief guest in a webinar on ‘Global Research Perspective to Pandemic COVID-19’. The webinar was organised by the Alumni Association of JNU (AAJ) in association with JNU’s School of Biotechnology and the health magazine Double Helical where the NITI Ayog CEO said that India was doing better than the rest of the world in dealing with coronavirus pandemic.

NITI Aayog CEO reiterated that testing, contact tracing, and isolation are the keys to tackle the pandemic till the time the vaccine will be innovated. He further said that India’s performance is outstanding in dealing with the COVID-19.

Mr. Kant said,

Success in dealing with Covid-19 and the extent of the impact cannot be measured by total cases. Instead, it has to be assessed based on cases per million against population density, deaths per million, case fatality rate, deaths per million against population density, contribution to global Covid death toll, closed cases recovery rate, at-risk population and median age population,” Mr. Kant said and added that ”when all these aspects are looked at, India’s performance is truly outstanding.”

He elaborated his points as to how India is successfully handling the coronavirus threat, he said the population of India is higher than 9 worst affected countries put together. He said,

“Deaths per million in India are the lowest in comparison to the worst-hit nations”.

In terms of mortality, the deaths per million in the UK and Spain are actually a hundred times more compared to India”, he added.

As seen in the Covid-19 situation of the world as well as of India, it is obvious that India cannot be considered as the worst-hit nation of the Covid-19 outbreak. However, the plight of the low-income population of the country and the worst-hit economy due to lockdown caused by the pandemic is what actually India should worry about.

It’s also to be noted if the plans of India to deal with the pandemic without getting the economy suffered has actually worked as the people right from daily wage workers to the big corporate owners are still in a situation of uncertainty without any clear picture of what next.

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