Facebook decides to label ‘objectionable posts’, amidst protests

Facebook decides to label 'objectionable posts', amidst protests

Washington: Facebook executive director Mark Zuckerberg said on Saturday that his company would label posts that are controversial or harm-prone as ‘objectionable posts’ that cannot be removed because they are important news.

The company has taken this decision amid increasing pressure to improve the quality of content on social media. This includes the post of US President Donald Trump.

According to a media institute, more than 90 advertisers decided to boycott the site. Consumer goods giant Unilever joined the list on Friday, citing the ‘electoral polarization period’ in the US.

Mr. Zuckerberg said his company would ban all advertisements discriminating between different communities based on race and immigration status.

Apart from this, he can also remove the content of any politician if he is likely to incite violence or influence voting. He said that the company would label the content found outside this category as ‘objectionable’.

[Hams Live]


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