President Rocha Cruzeiro found COVID-19 positive

Rio de Janeiro: The president of Cruzeiro, José Dalai Rocha has been tested positive with COVID-19. One of the most successful football clubs in Brazil has been found to be infected with the virus. The club’s chief executive officer, Sandro Gonzalez and board member Alexander Faria are also infected by Coronavirus.

81 year old Rocha has posted a video on social media saying, “Hi my friends. I’m here to confirm that … I did the tests, tested positive, but I’m doing well,

He also said, “I’m following the medical advice, which is to rest, stay calm, eat good food, and get vitamin D. Today I’m better than yesterday and tomorrow I’ll definitely be better than today.”

All major football competitions in Brazil are currently suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak. Brazil has 5,717 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 201 have died.

(Hams Live)



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