Twitter accounts of more than a dozen global figures hacked


Twitter accounts of more than a dozen international figures hacked, including Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, billionaire Bill Gates, rapper Ken West, Tesla’s billionaire chief, Elon Musk, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, etc.

Washington: More than a dozen Twitter accounts of global figures have been reported to have hacked. Those whose twitter handles hacked include potential US presidential candidate Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, billionaire Bill Gates and rapper Ken West.

The incident took place last evening in which tweets seeking donations in the form of ‘bitcoins’ were published. Twitter said in an email that the matter has been taken into consideration and a detailed statement would be released soon.

The nature and apparent cause of the issue could not be immediately ascertained but the level and proportion of the problem suggest that the matter is not limited to an account or service. This information has been given by Voice of America. As a result, Twitter shares had fallen nearly 4% when the stock market closed.

According to the media, some tweets were immediately deleted, but it appeared that an attempt was being made to re-capture the account. In the case of Tesla’s billionaire chief Elon Musk, the demand for a tweet on “bitcoins” was first dropped, but soon another tweet on the same topic emerged.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Uber and Apple’s corporate accounts were also affected. A statement from Biden’s election campaign spokesman was tried, but he did not immediately respond. Tesla chief was not available to make a statement.

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