US scientists warn: ‘Corona virus can attack every year’

Washington: Anthony Fauci, a senior US scientist, says the new Coronavirus, which has taken a form of a global epidemic, may attack on cold weather each year. Anthony Fauci, the head researcher at the US National Institute of Infectious Disease, has said in a statement yesterday that there is a strong possibility that the coronavirus will attack every winter like a seasonal virus. Coronavirus began to take root in the south, where it is now winter season. Anthony Fauci said vaccines and effective treatment of the virus need to be invented as soon as possible.

He said that the virus in South Africa and the southern regions of the world is spreading rapidly, with more cases being reported from countries where it is currently cold.

He expressed fear that the virus might take a form of a cycle and another wave of the virus has to be fought with. It is now very important for us to be prepared and it all depends on how long it takes to develop vaccines.

(Hams Live)


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